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Hesgoal: We show you a much BETTER LEGAL site! (2022)

We will convince you why our sites are much safer and faster to use than Hesgoal. Come check us out now You will be surprised...

Nicole Sommer - Soccer expert Last updated: Thursday, 29.September 2022 — 3min read

Hesgoal offers free football streams and broadcasts other major sporting events globally. The site also has a great feature called a "Sportschat" where users can enjoy interactive messaging. They have 26million + total visits to date, with UK sports fans making up their biggest audience. The site has too many irrelevant ads.

Watch football for free

Hesgoal is a site that offers free football streaming and other major sporting events worldwide. The site also has an interactive feature called "Sports Chat." The site is visited by more than 26 million people, with UK sports fans being the largest target group that's because sports chat is so relevant when watching live or live games chats in the breaks! However, there is far too much advertising - in my opinion, it is not necessary because it distracts from what is actually important: having fun discussing the successes of our favorite teams.

Pro-arguments 1 to 5: Enjoy the best football games live, easy, always, free of charge

What could be better than live football at a high level? The answer: nothing! At Hesgoal 2021 you can watch top-class matches from leagues like the Premier League and Bundesliga without having to wait for them. You want the game between Everton and Liverpool tonight at 8 p.m. or the game Schalke against Hamburger SV on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. - Hesgoal has it on offer (and it's free). Turn on the projector at 6 p.m., provide cold drinks and choose your stream - the most beautiful game of the best international football leagues on the Gesgoal site - and just enjoy it live! Nice side with or without you; the best games I've ever seen ... sounded good to my ears too :)

Pro-argument 6: Live chat with users worldwide

The soccer fan from Germany is never alone in 2021. With Hesgoal, users can connect live and exchange ideas with others about the game itself or any other topic that they would like to discuss in their free time - all while having fun! Chatting during games will be more fun than ever thanks to this portal that offers an interactive experience like no other out there; it's just too ridiculous not to try out for yourself what these guys have created (and at such a low cost)! __ N__The starting tone should be delighted.

Pro-Argument 7: News from the international football leagues

The Bundesliga is always a hot spot for the latest news and upcoming games. In 2021, Hesgoal will be no exception! Stay up to date on what is happening in the world of football in Germany and in international leagues like Paris Saint Germain or Manchester United by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

Contra argument 1: Not all messages are "news"

The HesGoal website provides its users with the latest news, live soccer matches and other information on the upcoming games. Users can find Oldie Bundesliga teasers that will be played this weekend and find out who coach Pep Guardiola has put in his starting line-up for the duel Paderborn against Bayern Munich on matchday 22 of the 2021 season! The past of football on Säbener Strasse is calling for you! You won't believe it, but there are some names from the 2014 game that will live on for the ages. The Müller and Neuer families both had children in this game - that means you stay true to your roots !!

Pro-Argument 8: What's going on in motorsport?

HesGoal 2021 is primarily about football in Germany - but that's not all. With motorsport live! So can we see Formula 1 or Moto GP with their screeching engines, screeching tires, the rapid maneuvers of the most famous race tracks in the world? We just have to wait until next year when everything becomes clear again ...

Pro-argument 9: Vettel is back in the red goddess

Sebastian Vettel is looking forward to his second win of the season as a Ferrari driver in 2021. However, he starts in an Aston Martin and has unfortunately only had moderate success so far, because we read this "message" there. It comes from his first year at the racetrack - 2015-2020

Pro-argument 10: The good ol 'Alonso days are back too

And we also hear from ex-champion Fernando Alonso, who will be competing for the Alpine Team in 2021. There were mechanical problems during qualifying on the Hungaroring, but he finally saw the red flag, and since that doesn't happen every year, it must have a handsome, noble patina if you read between the lines carefully! All of this is pure pleasure to be enjoyed while you sit back and drink wine from a crystal goblet, best served by your favorite server who wait patiently under the surface where everything seems possible - also to be a winner again!

Pro-argument 11: You can have fun with the "News" at any time

The HesGoal news sites, both football and motorsport, will bear their name in 2021, at least for the time being. The user can still search the colorful hodgepodge of information very vividly; however, if necessary, he can also use Google to expand his horizons beyond the events that are coming up this year!

Contra argument 2: Live enjoyment is illegal

The year 2021 is just around the corner and there is nothing like the excitement of live events. With one click on the new projector app you can stream your favorite football, motorsport or golf event! __ N__A special function enables viewers at home to see the same games as if they were there in person - but without any risk, because it is only video recordings from cameras that are placed in the arena / stadium and then transmitted via Internet Protocol TV (IPTV). HesGoal is a streaming service that often puts its streams on the Internet without the permission of the rights holder. He has entered questionable territory that can lead to illegality if it is not monitored carefully enough by the law enforcement authorities in Germany The Hesgoal website does not contain any express information as to whether and how the service complies with German data protection laws

The European Court of Justice has ruled that it is forbidden to watch streams from illegal sources, such as a football match, streamed onto your computer screen without your permission. If you are found guilty and can be proven in a court-like process - then they will send reminders to those watching those streams instead!

Contra argument 3: There are traps lurking in advertisements

The ads on your phone are personalized, and that can be pretty strange. The advertising is tailored to what you like - whether it's actually true or not! __ N__You can take advantage of this by browsing through different profiles in the hope that one day a tragedy will happen so we all know how great our lives were before this commercial came up Streaming is a great way to watch your favorite shows, but you have to be careful. There are also subscription traps and tantalizing teasers in the advertising column telling people that they need to download codecs to stream videos online, or that their computer won't work properly with video files at all! That can lead someone to go two different ways: either they have malware on their system that is causing problems when playing certain games ... or, worse, they reset everything and delete important data like pictures / videos that they have recorded with the camera built into the laptop, which is taking longer than expected because it takes time to set everything up again - who wants so much trouble?

Our ultimate tip

The offer is not very demanding, but it also has some disadvantages. You can only use the service during regular business hours (0800-1800) and if that doesn't fit into your schedule, you're out of luck! The quality could be better - I've noticed choppy video transmissions with no sound at times, depending on where you live in Brazil or what type / brand of phone you already have installed from telecom providers like VIVO that have their own app store called Store Mojo in theirs Have integrated the platform A clear horse's foot is the legal situation - it must not be bitten off. If you find this acceptable and want to take on a challenge, go ahead! In any case, he should remain very critical when he scrolls through the ads, because it can quickly become annoying, if not even tiring, for him too The mouse plays an important role in this advertising campaign by paying attention to what it is feeding its horses . She ensures that the offers do not contain anything poisonous or harmful. So as long as everything looks good so far, I'll let her continue because we're almost week three ...

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